Examples and inspiration

Inspiration for people with green thumbs, or people who simply enjoy green things. A beautiful plant WITHOUT roots on your table: why not? ROOTLESS provides the ultimate in convenience and versatility. Watch and be inspired!

A living painting

Turn any plant into a work of art! ‘Truly wall art’ we call this. A painting made from a living green succulent. The low bowl makes it look as if the plant is literally jumping out of the wall. Combine this with other wall coverings to create an attractive and timeless decoration for any room. A living painting like this can be used to decorate a living room, but an office is also a perfect place for it.

A flourishing interior

ROOTLESS is perfect for decorating your kitchen or coffee table, among others. Because it is not a tall plant, ROOTLESS is the perfect centrepiece for your dining table. The plant brings an element of nature into your home, as well as a splash of colour, and creates a lovely atmosphere.

DIY: make your own terrarium

Owning a terrarium is like having your very own miniature world, filled with greenery. ROOTLESS products are perfect for this. There is no need to remove or hide roots if you use ROOTLESS products. ROOTLESS succulents will thrive on any substrate. Briefly put, all you have to do is put ROOTLESS on top of potting soil, sand, moss or gravel. A succulent terrarium also makes a great gift idea for a birthday or house-warming party! 



Who doesn’t love plants? ROOTLESS is an original thank-you gift for your wedding guests. ROOTLESS can survive for a long time without water and also has the unique ability to regrow after a long time. Give someone a ROOTLESS as a thank-you gift and you give them lasting happiness. Surprise your guests with a personal and lasting token of gratitude for attending your wedding!

Make the table extra inviting by decorating it with flowers in vases. And how nice are these vases with ROOTLESS.

Decoration for events

Plants are perfect items for creating just the right atmosphere for a party or other event. They add the finishing touch to your decorations. ROOTLESS is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere at a wedding, for example. Their compact shape and variety of colours make them outstanding natural eye-catchers on tables or chairs, or to style a place setting. You can even use them as a ring-bearers cushion!

An eye-catcher in a bouquet

Incorporate ROOTLESS into your bouquet for a special twist that can be enjoyed for a long time. ROOTLESS is a perfect component in a lovely, compact wedding bouquet, but also in a trendy bouquet of wildflowers.

Christmas decoration

There are endless possibilities in decorating your home with ROOTLESS. You can see in the photos how to make beautiful creations with ROOTLESS. For example, decorate a simple green wreath with large eye-catchers such as a wooden star hanger & ROOTLESS.